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SATRA (Shoe and Allied Trades Research Association) is the world leading independent research and testing organization for footwear and other industries based in the UK. SATRA is a member-based organization and ZETU is already a member, which is a decision we took in order to take advantage of their technologies right at the beginning as we set up the factory.

The factory will be set up in ISO9001 quality management system (QMS) strictly in all production processes and procedures. We will be able to get such accreditation through our association with SATRA, who, like SABS (South African Bureau of Standards), are accredited agents for ISO9001 QMS.

This is a very important aspect of ZETU keeping its promise to our customers of making the best quality and world-class shoes. This is ultimately the goal of us establishing this ambitious project – to DELIVER THE BEST DESIGNED AND BEST QUALITY SHOES, time after time.